Verhoeven vs. Zimmerman

Verhoeven vs. Zimmerman

Verhoeven vs. Zimmerman at GLORY 19 Kickboxing

GLORY 19 Kickboxing: Verhoeven vs. Zimmerman

GLORY 19: Verhoeven vs. Zimmerman is set to be one of the biggest matches in kickboxing history when GLORY Heavyweight World Champion Rico Verhoeven defends his title against challenger Errol Zimmerman in the last installment of the Verhoeven vs. Zimmerman trilogy.

In their first meeting at It’s Showtime in January 2012, Errol KO’d Rico Verhoeven with a left hook at just 59 seconds into the opening round.  Then at GLORY 9 in June 2013, Rico Verhoeven won by unanimous decision.  The decider on February 6, 2015 is bound to be a memorable showdown whether it lasts one second or goes the distance.

Despite twenty-five-year-old Rico Verhoeven being 6’5” and two inches taller than Errol Zimmerman, twenty-eight-year-old Errol has a half-inch reach advantage over Rico, so reach isn’t really an issue here.

Everything Errol dispatches will be loaded and nuclear-tipped, and Rico will employ his jamming front-kicks and pump-action jabs to maintain a moat and try to survive Errol’s early onslaught and attempt to wear him down early in the fight.

Errol is likely to use his pulverising leg kicks to incapacitate Rico’s footwork and make him a sitting duck for incoming fists, high kicks and the occasional leaping knee. Rico likes to counter by clinching and tiring his opponents.

Rico enjoys backing his opponents into the corner and picking them off; however Errol can fight from the corner, which is what happened when he knocked Rico out at their first encounter.

The Keys

Keys for this battle for Rico Verhoeven will be his superior technique and speed.  His plan will be to frustrate Errol, weather the early storm, and make it a long fight.

Keys for Errol Zimmerman will be to stay cool, not blow his wad, and stun Rico before following up with a sledgehammer combo.  He has a dangerous selection of kicks, but serious firepower in both fists with ‘bone-crushing’ hooks.

Most likely, a short fight will favor Errol Zimmerman and a long fight will favor Rico Verhoeven.


GLORY 19: Verhoeven vs. Zimmerman
Kickboxing Heavyweight World Championship

Rico Verhoeven   Name   Errol Zimmerman

Champion      Standing   Challenger

Netherlands  Country       Curacao

44-9-0 (10 KOs)     Record   103-11-1 (44 KOs)

      Win: June 22, 2013 (Dec.)     Verhoeven vs. Zimmerman   Win: January 28, 2012 (KO)

25   Age   28

6’5”   Height   6’3”

      79″   Reach  79.5″

Orthodox   Stance   Orthodox

How to watch GLORY 19: Verhoeven vs. Zimmerman.




Antonio Carvalho

Antonio Calvalho

An uncompromising Antonio Carvalho

Antonio Carvalho versus Chris Gruetzemacher at WSOF 18

© Marc Wickert

A featherweight duel to look forward to on WSOF 18’s card, February 12, is the contest between Antonio Carvalho (15-6) fighting out of Toronto, Canada and Chris Gruetzemacher (12-1) of Arizona, USA.

Born in Canada, Antonio Carvalho moved to Portugal when he was nine years old. When asked if MMA was popular with the Portuguese, Antonio replied: “I don’t know that MMA is really popular out there. However, there is a subculture of fans there because Brazilian Jiujitsu is a sport that seems to be picking up some steam. Portugal is actually the spot where they hold the European championships, so the practitioners are the MMA fans, which I think is awesome.”

Antonio Carvalho’s last fight (against Darren Elkins) in March, 2013, came to a controversial halt when referee Yves Lavigne awarded the bout to Elkins at 3:06 into the first round. “I was heartbroken for sure,” says Antonio.  “I won’t argue that I was hit with a punch. It was odd because the punch actually hit me on the side of the neck, striking my carotid artery – hence, the wobbly legs. When Darren hit me again, it actually just woke me up. I mean, one of my knees touched the canvas and I was up right away.

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Josh Hill

Josh Hill

Alin Halmagean (left) and WSOF’s Josh Hill

Josh Hill vs. Marlon Moraes at WSOF 18

© Marc Wickert
photos © WSOF

On February 12, Ontario’s Josh ‘Gentleman’ Hill intends relieving Brazil’s Marlon Moraes of his WSOF Bantamweight Title at the Edmonton Expo Centre in Alberta, Canada.

With a perfect MMA record of 10-0, Josh Hill is like a harsh Canadian blizzard – unrelenting in his attack and always wearing his opponents down.  If the battle goes to the ground it’s because Josh takes it there. And if he chooses to keep it standing, he has excellent takedown defence.

Josh Hill is big for a bantamweight and has cutting weight down to a fine art. His explosive capabilities make him dangerous in the toe-to-toe where he can unload a mixed bag of strikes, including the odd superman punch, or he can rattle an adversary with powerful body slams.

On the ground, Josh Hill is always a threat from guard, half-guard, side control, north-south or the mount.  Should he end up on his back, he’s comfortable there until he decides to overturn the wagon and unload jackhammer g’n’p.

Knucklepit was fortunate to catch up with Josh Hill for this interview.

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Shane Campbell

Shane Campbell

Shane Campbell set for WSOF 18

Shane Campbell vs. Derek Boyle at WSOF 18

© Marc Wickert

Shane ‘Shaolin’ Campbell is an orthodox fighter from Edmonton, Alberta, who comes into this bout with a 10-2-0 record against Derek Boyle’s 13-6-0 stats.

Shane Campbell has won matches via RNC and the guillotine choke, but more often through stand-up striking. He likes to target the body with fists and kicks, or unload brutal knees and heavy, whipping fists that keep coming, and is excellent at utilizing his long reach – both standing and on the ground. From his back, Shane can unload nasty elbow-strikes and up-kicks.

Originally set to fight Brandt Dewsbery at WSOF 18 before Brandt withdrew due to injury, Shane Campbell will now be having a rematch with Brandt’s teammate, Derek Boyle. However, for Shane Campbell, this program adjustment has not caused him to make many changes to his prep. “No real changes. I am always focusing on my own worst weaknesses to improve as a fighter. This is just a bout on my journey,” says Shane.

WSOF 18 takes place on February 12 at the Edmonton Expo Center in Alberta, Canada, and Knucklepit appreciates Shane Campbell chatting about his upcoming bout.

Shane, what did you think of your last match with Derek Boyle?

The last match was a great fight: three hard rounds back and forth.

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Rico Verhoeven

Rico Verhoeven

Rico Verhoeven after defeating Daniel Ghita

Rico Verhoeven vs. Errol Zimmerman III at GLORY 19

© Marc Wickert
Photos: Glory Sports International

One of kickboxing’s most highly anticipated showdowns takes place on February 6 when GLORY World Series hosts Rico Verhoeven vs. Errol Zimmerman III.  This GLORY World Heavyweight Championship bout at the Hampton Coliseum in Virginia is bound to be a thriller with the tally for Rico Verhoeven (44-9-0) vs. Errol Zimmerman (103-11-10) currently standing at one all.

In January, 2012, Errol Zimmerman defeated Rico Verhoeven at It’s Showtime. Then in June, 2013, Rico Verhoeven came back to settle the score with Errol Zimmerman at GLORY 9, setting the stage for the Verhoeven vs. Zimmerman III decider to become one of biggest clashes in kickboxing history.

Interestingly, when asked if the fact he Errol Zimmerman have notched up one victory apiece puts more importance on their upcoming fight, Rico Verhoeven replied: “A fight is a fight, and I want to win every time – no matter what.”

Knucklepit had the pleasure of talking with Rico Verhoeven prior to GLORY 19.

Rico, what style of karate did you start out in?

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Brandt Dewsbery

Brandt Dewsbery

Brandt Dewsbery forced to withdraw from WSOF 19.

WSOF’s Brandt Dewsbery

© Marc Wickert

Originally Brandt Dewsbery (13-3-1) was to face Shane ‘Shoalin’ Campbell (10-2-0) in a welterweight match at WSOF 18 before Brandt was forced to withdraw from the event due to sustaining an injury in prep. Brandt’s training partner from the Canadian Martial Arts Centre, Derek Boyle (13-6-0), was then asked to step up to the plate and take on Shane Campbell.

Hailing from Alberta, Canada, Brandt Dewsbery’s MMA victory stoppages comprise six wins by T/KO and six by submission, with all his subs coming via chokes. On February 12, Brandt will have to watch Derek Boyle vs. Shane Campbell from the sideline.

“I broke a couple of my toes in fight camp so I had to pull out,” says Brandt Dewsbery. “I’m hoping to be back in action as soon as possible as I want to keep my win streak going and get in the UFC.  Beating Shane would have been good for my career, but these things happen.”

When Brandt Dewsbery isn’t sending his opponents flying through the air at cage-fighting events, he’s most likely working on 300-feet-tall windmills in his capacity as a wind turbine technician.

Knucklepit appreciates Brant Dewsbery taking time out from his busy schedule for a chat.

Brandt, in your last fight you defeated Tyler O’Brien in just 38 seconds; how did that feel?

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Derek Boyle

Derek Boyle MMA

Derek Boyle of Alberta, Canada

Derek Boyle vs. Shane Campbell at WSOF 18

© Marc Wickert

On February 12, 2015, World Series Of Fighting returns for another serving or top-grade international MMA in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. One of the standout battles to be fought on this star-stacked card will be a welterweight match between fellow Canadians Derek ‘Gargoyle’ Boyle (13-6-0) of Alberta and Shane ‘Shoalin’ Campbell (10-20-0) of Kelowna, British Columbia.

This bout was originally designated as a contest between Campbell and Brandt Dewsbery; however Dewsbery was forced to withdraw from the event due to breaking a couple of his toes in fight camp, and Derek Boyle ‘leaping kneed’ at the opportunity to seek revenge against Shane Campbell for a decision loss against ‘Shoalin’ in March 2012.

Coming into WSOF 18 on a three-fight winning streak with his last fight being in October 2014, ‘Gargoyle’ is confident he has had enough time to prepare for the showdown at WSOF 18.

“I have had a lot of time to prepare for the February 12 fight,” says Derek Boyle.  “I had a fight fall through back in December so, besides taking a couple weeks off, I have been training consistently.”

Knucklepit was fortunate to catch up with Derek Boyle in his lead up to WSOF 18.

Derek, how did you earn the nickname ‘Gargoyle’?

I got the nickname ‘Gargoyle’ from a co-worker when I used to do security at a casino. It kind of rhymes with my last name so I decided to use it and it seemed to stick.

Was your spectacular victory over Alex Popov your most satisfying MMA win?

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Nathan Court

Nathan Court

Nathan Court – a hard man of MMA

Nathan ‘The Zombie’ Court vs. Louis ‘KO’ King at BAMMA 18

© Marc Wickert
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The lead up to BAMMA 18 has been a tough one for Nathan Court; however Nathan is a hard man and through trunk loads of determination he is making things happen.  On February 21 Nathan Court will be taking on Louis King at Wolverhampton Civic Centre in a middleweight matchup after Nathan had two years off from competition due to injuries.

One can’t help but feel 2015 is going to be a good year for Nathan Court, and fighting on such a globally recognised event as BAMMA 18 is a great opportunity for him to carve a name for himself in international MMA.  But Nathan is happy to just focus on things as they present themselves.

“It’s a great opportunity for me,” says Court.  “After the shitty couple of years I had I was ready just to throw the towel in and walk away from the sport completely, at one point, as I was severely depressed about all the injuries and personal problems I was going through at the time, but then I slowly but surely gave myself a kick up the arse and started training again and I was enjoying it. Then out of the blue I got a phone call off of my manager, Mike Clarke, saying that BAMMA wanted to put me on their February show, and I immediately said yes before he even got round to telling me possible opposition.

“I then started to up my training and reached out to other people for help and things are going good and I’m enjoying training for once. As for creating a name for myself internationally, I’m not going to try and blag my own head by even thinking like that. I’m just happy to be able to try and prove myself at the moment. If there comes a point in the future where that maybe becomes the case though, I’ll be sure to let you know (laughs).”

Knucklepit appreciates Nathan Court stopping for a chat about his upcoming BAMMA bout.

Nathan, how is your preparation going for BAMMA 18?

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Tom Duquesnoy

Tom Duquesnoy

Tom Duquesnoy to defend his BAMMA title February 21

Tom Duquesnoy Part 2
The ‘Fire Kid’ vs. Krzysztof Klaczek at BAMMA 18

© Marc Wickert
special thanks to Long Hoàng
and Matt Bourne
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Since making his BAMMA debut in December 2013, France’s Tom Duquesnoy has been thrilling British fans with his unique brand of MMA, defeating James Saville via TKO and Teddy Violet by triangle choke, before his bout with Ashleigh Grimshaw was declared a ‘no contest’.

The ‘Fire Kid’ is an explosive and aggressive fighter with only one of his matches, which he won by unanimous decision, going the distance. And despite Tom Duquesnoy being just 21 years of age, and having achieved so much international success, he is an incredibly humble athlete who likes nothing more than to put on an entertaining show for his many followers.

On February 21 at the Wolverhampton Civic Hall, England, Tom Duquesnoy (9-1-0-1) will be defending his BAMMA World Featherweight Title against Poland’s Krzysztof Klaczek (8-2-0) who is on a five-fight winning streak and has proven himself to be a worthy challenger.

Tom Duquesnoy kindly chatted with Knucklepit about his upcoming title defence.

Tom, you took up wrestling, Thai boxing and boxing as a youngster; what was your motivation to become involved in the fighting arts while so young?

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Johnny Nunez

Johnny Nunez WSOF 17

Johnny Nunez faces Brian Cobb at WSOF 17

Johnny Nunez vs. Brian Cobb at WSOF 17

© Marc Wickert
photos © WSOF
special thanks to Christian Lampman

On January 17 Johnny ‘Johnny Boy’ Nunez (5-0) faces off with fellow lightweight Brian ‘The Bandit’ Cobb (20-8) at WSOF 17 in Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, Las Vegas.

With an 8-0 MMA record, including three amateur victories, Johnny Nunez displayed great patience and poise in his first pro fight against Lee Henry Lilly.  Although preferring to employ long-range strikes and pick off Lilly with powerful jabs and crosses, Nunez mixed it up by switching stance with ease and was equally dangerous fighting from orthodox and southpaw.  When Lilly chose to close the gap with Nunez, ‘Johnny Boy’ punished him with rapid-fire, close-quarter fists and knees. Johnny Nunez then brought the fight to a halt with just 24 seconds remaining on the clock, winning via TKO.

Johnny Nunez made quick work of his following fight against Kerry Lattimer when he submitted ‘The Batterer’ by D’Arce choke at just one minute into the opening round at Tactical Fighting 1.

Johnny Nunez is known for his tough training camps where he likes to “grind it out” leading into competition, so each time he enters the ring his fans know they are going to see a new and improved ‘Johnny Boy’.

In Nunez’s next two outings he subdued Guatemala’s Joel Lam by unanimous decision, and followed this with a round two stoppage of Joel Orsoto via TKO.  These impressive wins led to Johnny Nunez making his WSOF debut, where he chalked up a split-decision victory over Ozzy Dugulubgov at WSOF 9: Carl vs. Palhares on March 29, 2014.

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