Rousimar Palhares

Rousimar Palhares vs. Jon Fitch

Jon Fitch catches Rousimar Palhares with a jab

Rousimar Palhares proves he is the grandmaster of leg locks by submitting Jon Fitch via an excruciating kneebar and retaining his WSOF Welterweight World Championship crown.

Rousimar Palhares vs. Jon Fitch
© Marc Wickert
special thanks to Christian Lampman
& Mike Afromowitz
photos © WSOF
Rousimar Palhares 5’8” reach 68.5”  vs. Jon Fitch 6’0” reach 74”
WSOF Welterweight World Championship, December 13, 2014.

5.00: Both men are in orthodox stance as Jon jabs and throws a right using his reach advantage to keep Rousimar at bay.

Rousimar Palhares shooting in

Rousimar Palhares shoots in on Jon Fitch

4.48: Jon throws a right, then a jab targeting the body, but Rousimar steps out of range.
4.44: Rousimar delivers consecutive leg kicks.
4.30: Fitch pumps out another long-range jab.
4.25: Fitch’s next jab is countered by a Palhares leg kick.
4.23: Fitch is taking centre ring as Palhares circles the cage and Fitch continues to pursue Palhares with effective jabs.
4.19: Jon throws a tentative right and Rousimar’s leg kick comes up short.
4.14: Jon jabs before landing two good rights that appear to shake Rousimar.
4.04: Rousimar comes in and latches onto Jon’s left knee, drops to his back with leg in hand, while Jon stands over his opponent.  Rousimar isn’t trying for the takedown but just wants the leg.
3.58: Palhares wraps his thighs around Fitch’s left leg and grips his left ankle; Palhares lays on his right side wrapping his legs and arms around the captured left leg like a crocodile seizing its prey.  Fitch tries to reciprocate with a leg lock of his own; however Palhares has the trump leg-hold and Fitch opts to retaliate with a jab as Palhares rolls onto his back with the captured leg.
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Kokoda Track  

Kokoda Track bush

Thick, dense bush of the Kokoda Track

The Ultimate Training Course
© Marc Wickert
special thanks to Russell Andrews

Had a bad day today?  Think you put in a tough session at the gym?  Take a moment to reflect on what some young men went through – not in a training ‘shark tank’ where they keep changing your sparring partners every couple of minutes, or where your opponent in the cage is a bad mother… Instead, think about being in a ‘real’ war where, if you’re captured, there’s every chance your ‘opponents’ will slice ‘meat’ off your bones and barbeque it while you bleed to death in a ditch. And the last smell you inhale is of burning human flesh – your own.  Welcome to the Kokoda Track.

How Would You Fare?
There’s no referee to save you, no corner man to throw in the towel, and no tapping out when you’ve had enough.

That’s the ‘ultimate fighting’ some Aussie Diggers as young as 16 years signed up for during World War II while defending Papua New Guinea from the invading Japanese troops.  The Diggers were mostly undertrained, under equipped, and short on rations. Initially, on July 2, 1942, the Australians were outnumbered by more than 10 to 1 when the Japanese landed on Papua’s north coast, near Gona.

Even when battle-hardened Aussie reinforcements from Tobruk and other parts of the Middle East joined the Kokoda Track Campaign on August 26, 1942, they were still outnumbered by 5 to 1. However, despite the odds being grossly against the Aussie resistance, the Japanese soon discovered they had greatly underestimated the resolve of the troops from Down Under.

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Regis Sugden

Regis Sugden

Regis ‘The First’ Sugden

Regis ‘The First’ Sugden vs. Paul Bentley at BAMMA 17
© Marc Wickert
Special thanks to Dean Sugden, June Rowlands
& Rick Wilks of Primal Pictures Photography
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Regis Sugden vs. Paul Bentley at BAMMA 17 is set to be a thriller with both men making their BAMMA debuts and determined to showcase their hardware on this internationally acclaimed MMA stage.

Regis has an impressive kickboxing background, and BAMMA has shown great belief in Regis Sugden’s abilities, considering he’s making his pro-MMA debut at such a world-class competition. But as ‘The First’ agrees, he has certainly earned his spot on the card.

“I’ve fought on some big shows and been to some massive shows around the world with my brother, Chad, when he’s been fighting for K-1. But this is the one I’ve been working towards for a very long time, ever since my Jiu-Jitsu coach, Terry Donovan, first introduced me to MMA six years ago, and I just loved it right from day one,” says Sugden.

“Knowing that the moment I’ve been waiting for has come and I am going to be part of the biggest MMA promotion in Europe is really exciting. I can’t wait for 6 December and the chance to show that BAMMA’s belief in my abilities is justified.”

And anyone who rolls with ‘Judo’ Jimmy Wallhead, as does Regis, has to be packing some serious skills. Jimmy Wallhead is one of the world’s most exciting fighters around and Sugden is proving to be another spectacular competitor.

Regis Sugden and Paul Bentley might be coming into BAMMA 17 as relatively dark horses on the MMA circuit, but both men are seasoned warriors and are determined to put on a blitzkrieg at Manchester’s Victoria Warehouse. And they will certainly be remembered by all MMA enthusiasts after December 6.

Knucklepit appreciates Regis Sugden chatting about his upcoming bout.

Regis, you were originally fighting Ben Dearden and now you’re facing Paul Bentley at BAMMA 17.  Has that disrupted your preparation much?

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Paul Bentley

Paul Bentley UK MMA

BAMMA 17’s Paul Bentley

Paul Bentley vs. Regis Sugden at BAMMA 17
© Marc Wickert
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BAMMA 17’s bantamweight bout Paul Bentley vs. Regis Sugden is an intriguing matchup because little is known of these competitors in MMA circles, but both men will be entering the cage at Manchester’s Victoria Warehouse on December 6 with a wealth of fighting experience.

Regis Sugden (0-0-0) has carved a impressive name for himself in K1circles and will be making his pro-MMA debut, while Paul Bentley (1-0) is coming in hot off his first pro fight against Abdullah Saleh after scoring an early first round TKO, where Paul displayed excellent ground-positioning skills, serious g’n’p, a full tank of gas, and a HUGE heart. Paul Bentley is the genuine article!

Of his showdown with Regis Sugden, Paul told BAMMA: “Regis has a good K1 background and I respect his stand up but I’m confident in my wrestling and GNP and will not let it go to the judges.”

Paul Bentley took this fight on with little notice, as a replacement for the injured Ben Dearden, and Knucklepit appreciates Paul finding time for a chat.

Paul, do you have a nickname for when you are fighting?

No, I don’t… but open to suggestions.

For Abdullah Saleh you were training twice a day in lead up, but for BAMMA 17 you’ve been enlisted as a late replacement for Ben Dearden. Were you on standby before Ben withdrew?

No; I had been in contact with Jude Samuel earlier in the year, and when Ben withdrew I was asked if I would take the fight, and there was no way I was turning down a chance to fight on BAMMA – even with three week’s notice!

Have you had enough time to prep?

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Michael Piszczek Update

Michael Piszczek, UK MMA, Polish MMA


© Marc Wickert

Unfortunately Michael ‘Mikey Tiger’ Piszczek’s showdown in PLMMA 43’s main event on November 7 was cancelled; however Michael has some exciting news for all his MMA fans: Mikey Tiger will be blasting back on December 8 at Ultimate Fighting Warriors, which is great news for all of Michael’s Polish fans.

And Michael is looking meaner than ever, having lost 15kgs and is now a ripped 105kgs. “My build is for hurting people. I train hard and I will fight brutally. I am now in top shape like I’ve never been but will be in even better shape for my UFW fight.  and lI can’t wait to get in the cage and let my hands talk,” says Piszczek.

“I have a serious sponsor who helps me with everything and everyone will see a new Tiger; I am getting ready for war,” says Piszczek.

More details coming shortly, but fans can keep up with Michael Piszczek on his Facebook and Twitter entries.

Michael Piszczek is fighting at MMA Versus UK
Tickets are £25 £35 £50 tables £60. Event is at bowlers Trafford Park, Manchester.




Walter Gahadza

Walter Dahadza, BAMMA, UK MMA


Walter ‘Sniper’ Gahadza vs. Mickael Lebout at BAMMA 17
© Marc Wickert
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Gahadza vs. Lebout has all the markings of being a major war of historical significance, and both gladiators want this so badly their highly anticipated clash reeks like a barbarian’s battlefield with expectation.

Walter Gahadza enters the ‘Colosseum’ (Victoria Warehouse, Manchester) with a head tally of 14-0, saying of his BAMMA debut “Make no mistake that on December 6th the fans are going to see the best Sniper ever and Mikael is just the unfortunate guy standing in front of my scope when it’s time for me to blast somebody.”

Mickael Lebout also spoke boldly to BAMMA of their upcoming war: “Walter will remember the 6th December all his life, this night he will suffer the first loss on his fight record.”

Fighting out of Essex’s Team Sure Grip (TSG), Walter Gahadza is an explosive combatant who picks his shots – thus the ‘Sniper’ tag, has incredible fluidity in his combos, and has proven himself to be a very elusive target to nail. But probably what separates Walter most from other fighters is his winning aura that only comes from an athlete who lives and breathes his trade. He is totally dedicated to being the best of the best and backs his dream with truckloads of determination and hard yakka. On December 6 MMA fans WILL see the “best Sniper ever”.

Knucklepit was fortunate to catch up with Walter Gahadza prior to epic showdown at BAMMA 17.

Walter, is your prep on schedule for December 6?

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Pannie Kianzad Cage Warriors


Pannie ‘Banzai’ Kianzad vs. Eeva Siiskonen at Cage Warriors 74
‘Banzai’ all set to Blast at CWFC World Bantamweight Championship
© Marc Wickert
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Originally scheduled as Pannie Kianzad vs. Agnieska Niedwiedz for WCFC women’s first 135lb champion, ‘Banzai’ Kianzad will now be facing Eeva Siiskonen after Agnieska had to withdraw due to injury. But for Sweden’s Kianzad, taking on Finland’s Eeva Siiskonen will just be business as usual as she stares down the inaugural CWFC World Bantamweight crown on November 15.

And Pannie is one cool customer who likes to take centre ring, bangs with both fists loaded, possesses a pulverising jab, and frequently targets an opponent’s body with rib-softening knuckles and deep-penetrating knees. Should a fight go to the ground, ‘Banzai’ remains cold and calculating as she administers panel-beating g’n’p, attacking like a cardio machine that keeps thumping while wearing down her unfortunate victim.

Pannie ‘Banzai’ Kianzad vs. Eeva Siiskonen takes place Saturday, November 15 at London’s Olympic Park and is destined to be a momentous clash for MMA fans. And Knucklepit was fortunate to catch up with Pannie Kianzad just days before her CWFC World Bantamweight Title competition.

Pannie, you made your CWFC debut with a third-round stoppage of Megan van Houtum at CWFC 71; what are your thoughts on that match?

I was first planned to fight Alexandra Buch out of Germany, but she got injured and Megan stepped in with a high level background in judo and grappling, and I really wanted to fight so I knew it would be tricky but I was up for anything.

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Colin ‘Freakshow’ Fletcher

Colin Fletcher, UK MMA, BAMMA


Colin Fletcher vs. Mike Brightmon at BAMMA 17
I’m gonna be relentless!
© Marc Wickert
special thanks to Matt Bourne
photos used by permission of BAMMA
Mark Blundell photography

BAMMA 17’s main event is set to be thriller, and Colin ‘Freakshow’ Fletcher (10-4) is delighted to be stepping up to the plate to greet USA’s Michael Brightmon (13-4) for their lightweight caged holocaust.

Set to enter Manchester’s Victoria Warehouse in his usual spectacular fashion like a gatecrasher at a Norman Bates party, ‘Freakshow’ is coming in hot off a split-decision win over Tony Hervey at BAMMA 15.

But what are Colin’s thoughts on that ruling? “Yeah, I thought it was fair,” says Fletcher. “I felt in control throughout the fight; I pushed the pace and was constantly going forward looking to land shots, but Tony was very allusive and tricky. It was a fun fight, I enjoyed it.”

In Colin Fletcher’s arsenal for December 6 will be his incredible assortment of strikes and his ability to be totally unpredictable. He always uses his reach advantage with sniper precision before unloading rapid-fire combos like a Kashtan CIWS. And Colin knows how to unleash pain on the ground. MMA fans are in for a spectacular performance from ‘Freakshow’ at BAMMA 17: Fletcher vs. Brightmon.

Colin Fletcher kindly spoke with Knucklepit about his upcoming match.

Colin, are you training exclusively at Unity Gym and Spartan Gym for BAMMA 17?

I do a lot of training at The Unity Gym, where my coaches are Nick Hand and Paul Hubber, and Spartans Gym with coach, Warren Oliver. I coach myself at the Fightpit Shiney Row, and the Unity Gym as well as doing some sparring at the Badboy Gym and Fitness 2000 as a part of NEVT. I also do strength and conditioning at Ross Thompson Fitness.

You have a four-inch height advantage over Michael Brightmon; if his strategy is to get in quickly and close the gap, will you have a fitting antidote?

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Nicolas Dalby

Nicolas Dalby, CWFC, Denmark MMA


Nicolas ‘Sharpshooter’ Dalby vs. Mohsen Bahari at CWFC 74
© Marc Wickert
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On November 15 Cage Warriors World Welterweight Champion, Nicolas ‘Sharpshooter’ Dalby, will be defending his belt against Mohsen Bahari at London’s Copper Box Arena in CWFC’s main event.

Nicolas ‘Sharpshooter’ Dalby vs. Mohsen Bahari is promising to be an MMA fan’s dream matchup with two of the biggest hitters in the game facing off.

Nicolas possess firepower that would rival a Barrett XM 109, committing his hips behind every strike, and also delivers crushing combos with debilitating effect. Despite being an aggressive combatant, Nicolas is a calculating fighter who possesses a disciplined guard and dispenses his blasts with the poise of a sniper.

Copenhagen’s Nicolas Dalby kindly chatted with Knucklepit regarding his upcoming title defence at CWFC 74.

Nicolas, how does it feel being the CWFC World Welterweight Champion?

It feels great! It is a very big honor for me being the champion of such a prestigious promotion.

What style of karate do you come from?

I used to train and compete in Ashihara Karate which is a branch-out from Kyokushin Karate. Ashihara has a lot of focus on using footwork to avoid attacks and setting yourself up for counter attacks and I feel that basic understanding for movement has helped me a lot in my MMA career.

Do you like being referred to as ‘The Fighting Son of Copenhagen?

That has only happened once which was when Joe Martinez introduced me in my last fight. It sounds good. Maybe it should become my new nickname, haha. But Joe is such a great announcer that he can make anything sound good.

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Oli Thompson, UK MMA


Oli Thompson vs. Brett McDermott at BAMMA 17
© Marc Wickert
special thanks to Matt Bourne
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Britain’s former strongest man, IFSA World Championships finalist, and MMA heavyweight champion Oli Thompson has dropped down a division, bringing a ton of strength and explosive power to light heavyweight class. Oli has also walked over the hot coals of 19 pro MMA fights to throw down with Brett McDermott at BAMMA 17.

Qualities Thompson has maintained throughout both successful careers are his incredible determination, unwavering discipline, and lion heart. With all guns blazing, Oli Thompson will be a hard battleship to stop on December 6.

And despite being billed as “the ‘Battle of the Spartans’, Oli ‘The Spartan’ Thompson vs. Brett ‘The Spartan’ McDermott”, Oli says we don’t have to worry about them entering the BAMMA cage and yelling “I Am The Spartan” in a manner similar to Kirk Douglas yelling “I Am Spartacus”?

“I am no longer The Spartan,” says Thompson. “It was a name given to me a while ago by Eubank Jr during a sparring session in London. It stuck for a while, but part of being a Spartan is being outnumbered and fighting against the odds. Every fucker with a beard is a Spartan these days; I’ve had the wars to back it up.”

Knucklepit appreciates Oli Thompson stopping for a chat about his December 6 outing at Manchester’s Victoria Warehouse for BAMMA 17.

Oli, on the internet you’re listed as training at 1st Generation in Sussex, ZT Fight Skool, and Wolfslair; where are you preparing for BAMMA 17?

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