Jefferson George BAMMA 20

Jefferson George

Jefferson George takes on Rick Selvarajah at BAMMA 20.

Jefferson George vs. Rick Selvarajah at BAMMA 20

Jefferson George Part 2
© Marc Wickert

One bout generating a lot of anticipation among MMA fan’s on the BAMMA 20 card is the lightweight clash between Jefferson ‘Shadow Demon Blaximus’ George and Rick Selvarajah. These two top-fuel athletes are crowd favourites due to their exciting cagemanship, and despite both men being submission experts, their stand-up games include more fireworks than Guy Fawkes Day.

At BAMMA 15, Jefferson George vs. Jack Grant received the BAMMA Matchmaker Award and was declared ‘Fight of the Year’. There’s every chance George vs. Selvarajah could claim the same award on April 25.

Jefferson George is the ‘Prince of Poise’.  He always runs on a full tank of gas, and in stand-up he is a champion of the clinch, wearing opponents down like a boa constrictor, often waiting till the last round to finish adversaries with submissions. He can also fight from his back while attacking with whipping fists and elbows, or submit opponents with shoulder locks, arm bars, triangle chokes…

And it’s no secret Jefferson George’s goal is to capture the BAMMA/Lonsdale British Lightweight Title. “Having watched the Diakiese vs. McGann fight, I am confident to say that I have my sights firmly set on taking that belt,” says Jefferson.

Knucklepit appreciates Jefferson George taking time out for the following interview.

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Jack Grant Ready for April 25

Jack Grant

Jack Grant takes on Warren Kee at BAMMA 20Jack Grant vs. Warren Kee BAMMA 20Jack Grant vs. Warren Kee at BAMMA 20

Jack Grant vs, Warren Kee at BAMMA 20

Jack Grant Part 3
© Marc Wickert
special thanks to Matt Bourne

Jack Grant vs. Warren Kee was originally set to take place earlier this year at BAMMA 18; however, due to Warren Kee sustaining an injury the clash was postponed until April 25 for the BAMMA 20 card.

Leading up to the original contest, Jack Grant said: “I can finish a fight anywhere. I am a finisher. My only losses have come by judges’ decisions which came by my own tactical mistakes.  This time I will find a way to win.  I don’t really care how; I just want my game to flow.  The rest will take care of itself.”

And of his opponent, Jack Grant wasn’t too interested in whom he would be facing – he just wanted to get back in the BAMMA cage and display his new and exciting skills: “I was just happy to have a name and date.  I don’t know much about Warren Kee, but my coach said he was previously matched with a welterweight teammate; however the match didn’t go through so I’m happy to take the challenge.”

Now that the fight has been rescheduled and is fast approaching, Jack is relieved to be getting it on: “I’m glad I have something to focus on. Hopefully he turns up this time as I’m always ready, plus I think we can both fetch a good fight for the viewers.”

Knucklepit appreciates Jack Grant taking time out for the following interview regarding his upcoming contest which has all the makings for BAMMA 20’s Fight of the Night.

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Warren Kee vs. Jack Grant

Warren Kee

Warren ‘Relentless’ Kee

Warren Kee vs. Jack Grant at BAMMA 20

Warren Kee Part 3
© Marc Wickert

Originally set for BAMMA 18, this highly anticipated battle will now take place on April 25 at the Barclaycard Arena for yet another show that is saturated with talent – BAMMA 20.

Warren ‘Relentless’ Kee is a true mixed martial artist, possessing a huge assortment of weapons and a warrior spirit. In the stand-up warfare he’s like a barbarian with his leg assaults, attacking with inside and outside leg-kicks and foot stomps. Warren Kee is a hard man, is cool under pressure, and always lives up to his ‘Relentless’ nickname.

He’ll often launch long-range jabs and right crosses, with the occasional spinning back-fist thrown in, but then he’s also happy to scrap in the clinch and fire off elbows and knees. And if it goes to the ground, he’s a mean ground’n’pounder who also has a purple belt in BJJ.

Warren Kee vs. Jack Grant is another one of those BAMMA bouts that would sit comfortably as a main event on any given night.

Knucklepit appreciates Warren Kee participating in the following interview.

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Brett McDermott


Brett McDermott

Brett McDermott ready for the BAMMA World Light Heavyweight Title

Brett McDermott vs. Marcin Lazarz at BAMMA 20

© Marc Wickert
special thanks to Matt Bourne
The main event for BAMMA 20 on April 25 at the Barclaycard Arena is Brett McDermott (4-1) vs. Marcin Lazarz (7-1) for the BAMMA World Light Heavyweight Title and is set to be an MMA barnburner.

After losing his first pro fight via submission, Brett McDermott has been unstoppable, winning two of his bouts via KO, one by TKO, and even when Shaun Lomas did manage to go the distance, Brett still won by unanimous decision.

In his most recent fight, Brett took on the more experienced and highly regarded Oli Thompson at BAMMA 17 and caused a huge upset when he stopped Oli at 1:43 into the opening round. It was known Brett’s fight game had improved since his only loss at BAMMA 12 to Thomas Denham, but nobody expected Brett McDermott to be that good against Oli Thompson.

For a light heavyweight standing 5’11” and weighing in at 203 pounds, Brett McDermott was lightning fast, deadly accurate with his fists, and remarkably agile. When he did connect with his knuckles, the punches didn’t appear to be that heavy, but were right on the button – including the right hand that KO’d Oli.

The frightening aspect of seeing the ‘new’ Brett McDermott at BAMMA 17 was that the fight lasted less than two minutes so we only caught a glimpse of how much he had improved. And we don’t know what he will have up his sleeve for BAMMA 20.

Knucklepit was fortunate to catch up with Brett McDermott for the following interview.

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Rick Selvarajah

Rick Selvarajah

Rick Selvarajah delivers a leaping knee in training

Rick Selvarajah vs. Jefferson George at BAMMA 20

© Marc Wickert

Rick Selvarajah (6-0) is a dynamic fighter with four of his wins coming via submissions and two by judges’ decisions. Despite choke holds being Rick’s preferred method of stopping opponents, he also boasts a 4-1 Muay Thai record.

In Rick Selvarajah’s most recent outing he displayed lightning-fast reflexes against Romania’s Marius Bogan Pisat in Fury MMA 12’s main event. Predominantly orthodox, Rick is happy to switch stance to southpaw, and with his tall, lean frame he uses his reach effectively to launch damaging punches and kicks.

In the clinch, Rick Selvarajah attacks with high and low knees, and on the ground he is extremely generous with savage elbow strikes, which he employs to soften opponents before applying his ‘Mr Sandman’ choke holds.

When Rick Selvarajah makes his BAMMA debut against Jefferson Georges on April 25, he will be packing an impressive resume that includes an MMA amateur record of 7-0, a pro record of 6-0, a Muay Thai record of 4-1, and an excitement value of 100%.

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Simon Marcus

Simon Marcus

Simon Marcus vs. Wayne Barrett in GLORY Middleweight semi-final.

Simon Marcus at GLORY 20

© Marc Wickert
Photos: Glory Sports International

Simon Marcus is a powerfully built GLORY middleweight kickboxer coming from a Muay Thai background. He possesses superman right crosses, likes to unbalance opponents before delivering unpredictable knee strikes, has powerhouse jabs, brutal lead-leg kicks, can stop fights with body kicks, and tends to go on the offensive while using his height and reach to full advantage.

On April 3 in Dubai, GLORY 20 held its four-man Middleweight Contender Tournament, with Simon Marcus vs. Wayne Barrett and Jason Wilnis vs. Alex Pereira being in the first round of the elimination. The winner of the showdown would earn the right to face Artem Levin for the GLORY Middleweight Title in San Diego on May 8.

Simon ‘Bad Bwoy’ Marcus vs. Wayne Barrett

Simon Marcus comes in with a record of 40-2-1 (24 KOs) and Wayne Barrett 5-2-0 (4 KOs). Wayne Barrett uses his reach advantage and boxing skills to pick at Simon Marcus with long-range shots, like a spider to a fly, tempting Simon to lunge forward. But Simon maintains a fortified guard with both hands up, while Wayne keeps his right glove in guard and probes with his left hand extending. Simon adopts a disciplined approach as Wayne occasionally switches stance and keeps his distance.

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Regis Sugden vs. Ant Phillips

Regis Sugden

Regis Sugden set for BAMMA 20

Regis Sugden vs. Ant Phillips at BAMMA 20

Regis Sugden Part 3
© Marc Wickert
Special thanks to Dean Sugden
& June Rowlands
Photos © Rick Wilks

On April 25, Regis Sugden will be returning to the BAMMA cage to face off with Ant Phillips after demonstrating his high-level grappling skills against Manuel Bilic at BAMMA 18.

Prior to BAMMA 18, Regis was renowned for his battle-proven K1 skills, but little was known of his ground-warfare capabilities. Many elite boxers and kickboxers have attempted the transition to MMA and have held their own in the stand-up, but have been out of their depth when taken to the canvas.

However, at BAMMA 18, not only did Regis Sugden show he was highly skilled at defending against submission attempts, but he also revealed he possessed excellent submission abilities of his own.

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Strong Curves

Strong Curves

Strong Curves: A Woman’s Guide to Building a Better Butt and Body

Strong Curves: A Woman’s Guide to Building a Better Butt and Body

by Bret Contreras & Kellie Davis
Forward by Cassandra Forsythe
Victory Belt Publishing Inc.
Review© Marc Wickert

Bret Contreras – better known as ‘The Glute Guy’ – states, “Abs are made in the kitchen, but glutes are made in the gym,” meaning your diet is key to having attractive abs, and exercise is key to a hot butt. And the “gym” Bret refers to doesn’t have to be a public facility: You can follow routines from Strong Curves to get the body you want at home.

In the early pages of Strong Curves it is explained why women need to train differently to men: “You don’t necessarily need to do different exercises, but your physique is entirely unique from theirs, and you can’t expect to cater to your goals if you train like your male counterparts,” says Bret Contreras.

Strong Curves includes four 12-week programs, numerous supplemental exercises, and over 200 exercises with all activities accompanied by easy-to-follow photos and instructions.

“Squats and back extensions can be amazing glute exercises, but not the way you might be doing them. It isn’t just about doing the best glute exercises and going through the motions: it’s about getting incredibly strong at the best glute exercises while using perfect form and activating the glutes sufficiently,” says Contreras.

Wanna Be a Freak?

Every year it’s becoming easier to stand out in the crowd by being in shape. Have you been to a food court or shopping mall lately and done some body-shape watching?

  • In the US 70% of men and 57.6% of women are overweight or obese.
  • Australia 70.3% of men and 55.7% of women are overweight or obese.
  • In the UK 67% of men and 57% of women are overweight or obese.
  • Iceland 74% of men and 61% of women are overweight or obese.

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Dustin Jacoby

Dustin Jacoby

Dustin Jacoby puts his hand up for GLORY Dubai

Dustin Jacoby vs. Mourad Bouzidi at GLORY 20

© Marc Wickert
Photos: Glory Sports International

Dustin Jacoby enters GLORY 20 on late notice after stepping in as a replacement for Pat Barry against Mourad Bouzidi in the GLORY Superfight Series on April 3 in Dubai. But eleventh-hour invitations don’t bother Dustin who is a specialist in the fine art of gatecrashing, as he demonstrated at the Road to Glory USA Tournament in 2013.

Just two days out from the Xtreme Fight Night 11: Road to Glory Tournament, Dustin Jacoby was invited as a ‘fill in’ to help make up numbers in the eight-man contest. Not only did he receive late notice but this marked Dustin’s kickboxing debut.

Dustin Jacoby Hits a Homer

On first base, Dustin faced Randy Blake in the quarter finals – a bout he won via TKO in round three after referee Al Wichgers called game off while Randy was still standing, but unable to defend himself.

On second base, Dustin Jacoby hit off with Roy Boughton in the semi finals and frustrated Roy by being an elusive target, while moving off line and at odd angles from Boughton’s strikes, before winning by TKO in the opening round.

Then on third base, Dustin Jacoby met with Brian Collette for the final where Dustin stopped Brian in dramatic fashion, KO-ing him with a furious combo that saw Collette falling to the canvas as the first round bell rang, making Dustin the Road to Glory eight-man Tournament Champion.

Dustin Jacoby is an aggressive fighter who goes into feeding frenzy the moment he smells blood like Mr Wolf at dinner time. He possesses bunker-buster jabs that can rattle anyone’s cage, loves to unload liver shots with his left fist, and can pulverize victims with straight crosses. He really does have “a background in kick-ya-arse fighting”.

Knucklepit appreciates Dustin Jacoby taking time out to chat about his upcoming GLORY Superfight against Mourad Bouzidi.

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Izzy Carnwath

Izzy Carnwath

IMMAF Communications Director and Safe MMA Volunteer, Izzy Carnwath

IMMAF Communications Director and Safe MMA Volunteer, Izzy Carnwath

Izzy Carnwath Part 2
© Marc Wickert

Former publicist for the international MMA organization, BAMMA, Izzy Carnwath is now a behind-the-scenes power player ensuring the healthy development of Mixed Martial Arts worldwide.  And while this career move is a big step forward for Izzy, she admits there are aspects of her former life she does miss.

“I really love my work at IMMAF, but if anything I miss the day-to-day connection with fighters the most, as my work is much more on the administrative side now,” says Izzy Carnwath. “I’m much more likely to be dealing with officials, coaches and other industry professionals at present, so I’m usually one step away from the fighters. I miss the excitement of the regular build up to events, but I’m looking forward to enjoying the more regular events at IMMAF as it develops its competition circuit.”

IMMAF Structure and Goals

The IMMAF, where Izzy plays a key role as Communications Director, was founded in 2012, and is the international governing body for MMA, with its main goals being to standardize MMA rules and safety – an endeavour Izzy Carnwath explains in more elaborate detail:

  • The goal is to further the development of the sport from recreational to elite level, through driving the development of common sets of rules, safety regulations and structures.
  • IMMAF is focused on working towards gaining formal and informal worldwide recognition for the sport of MMA. Formal recognition is needed on every level – regional, national and global.
  • Through organising national federations, the IMMAF aims to provide a structured community for all national federations.
  • Organising international Amateur competition is also a priority.

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