Krasimir Mladenov Part 2

WSOF's Krasimir Mladenov


Krasimir Mladenov vs. Clifford Starks at WSOF 23 On September 18, Bulgaria’s national wrestling champion Krasimir Mladenov (12-0) returns to the Comerica Theatre in Phoenix for his long-awaited showdown with Clifford Starks (12-2) at WSOF 23. Originally slotted in for March 28, 2015, this clash was put on ice – along with Krasimir’s ankle –…

Clifford Starks Part 2

Clifford Starks


Clifford Starks vs. Krasimir Mladenov at WSOF 23 This bout was originally scheduled for March 28 at WSOF 19 before Krasimir Mladenov was forced to withdraw due to injury. Clifford Starks vs. Krasimir Mladenov will now take place at the Comerica Theatre in Phoenix on September 18 at WSOF 23. Since the initial postponement of…

Ant Phillips Part 3

Ant Phillips


September 19 sees the launch of UK’s new MMA event GTFP (Golden Ticket Fight Promotions), and excited to be stepping up for this inaugural event is British veteran Ant Phillips.   “It feels great to be a part of the launch!” says Ant Phillips. “There are so many promotions around nowadays that it’s an honour…

Banshee’s Burton

Clay Burton


Clay Burton played by Matthew Rauch The TV series Banshee is a program with a perfectly handpicked cast, and where all characters in the show are bad – they’re just different degrees of bad. All actors in Banshee deliver incredibly convincing performances, and Matthew Rauch (pronounced like ‘couch’ but with an ‘R’) is brilliant in…

Dustin Jacoby Part 3

Dustin Jacoby GLORY 23 trophy


Dustin Jacoby Wins GLORY 23 Leading into GLORY 23’s All-American Middleweight Qualification Tournament on August 7, Dustin Jacoby posted on Facebook: “Might as well stamp JACOBY across the winner’s plate!” What separated Dustin’s performance at GLORY 23 from many of his other bouts was he had time to prepare for August 7 rather than being…

Chad Sugden Part 3

Chad Sugden vs. Murthel Groenhart


Chad Sugden chats with Knucklepit about GLORY 23 and looks back on his split-decision win over Murthel Groenhart in Las Vegas on August 7, 2015. This was a tight kickboxing contest that went to the judges after three 3-minute rounds in the welterweight division, but a win I believe Chad Sugden deserved. Murthel ‘The Predator’…

Catherine Costigan

Catherine Costigan


Catherine Costigan vs. Simona Soukupova at BAMMA 22 BAMMA atomweight fighter Catherine Costigan’s first became involved in the fighting arts when she commenced freestyle karate/kickboxing and Pankration with Dermot McGrath when she was 14 years. “Back then it was a great fit for me as I’m small and fast,” says Catherine ‘Alpha Female’ Costigan. “I…

Teddy Holder Part 3

Teddy Holder victorious at WSOF 19


Teddy Holder vs. David Branch at WSOF 23 WSOF returns to the Comerica Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona on September 18 where the initial Gaethje vs. Palomino took place. It’s also where the light heavyweight match between Thaigo Silva and Ronny Markes was scheduled, with Markes then being replaced by Matt Hamill. All along, Teddy Holder…

Simona Soukupova

simona soukupova


Simona Soukupova vs. Catherine Costigan at BAMMA 22 BAMMA will be making history on two counts, September 19: It will be BAMMA’s first event staged in Ireland, and it will host its inaugural women’s event – Simona Soukupova vs. Catherine Costigan. Simona Soukupova is sometimes introduced as a kickboxer before her fights, however she would…

Tim Wilde Part 2

Tim Wilde


Tim Wilde vs. Philip Mulpeter at BAMMA 22 Originally set to face Jack McGann at BAMMA 21, Tim Wilde had to withdraw from the card due to injury and will now face Ireland’s Philip Mulpeter in Dublin at BAMMA 22. Of the injury Tim Wilde sustained, he says, “I cut my head open really deeply,…

Paul Craig

Paul Craig BAMMA 22


Paul Craig vs. Karl Moore at BAMMA 22 Paul Craig vs. Karl Moore is a light-heavyweight bout drawing plenty of interest on the BAMMA 22 card set for Dublin, September 19, with Paul ‘Bearjew’ Craig screaming to have his UK ranking revised. Paul previously stated he was slowly making his way up the UK light-heavyweight…

Systema – Aaron Ellis

Aaron Ellis armbar


SYSTEMA the Russian Martial Art with Aaron Ellis Previously at, Ken Twaddell road-tested the Russian art of Systema during his review of a number of combat-style martial arts.  In this article we catch up with Systema instructor, Aaron Ellis. Aaron has been involved in kickboxing and Thai boxing for the past 15 years –…

Rousimar Palhares Part 2

Rousimar Palhares kneebar


Rousimar Palhares vs. Jake Shields at WSOF 22 Special thanks to Diogo Schopke WSOF scooped the MMA pools when it confirmed the ‘Chinese whisper’ that it had secured Rousimar Palhares vs. Jake Shields as the main event for its inaugural live-to-air deal with Fight Network on August 1, 2015. WSOF 22: Palhares vs. Shields takes…

Jack McGann Part 3

Jack McGann


Jack McGann vs. Jack Grant at BAMMA 22 Many MMA authorities, including BAMMA ring announcers, believe Jack McGann to be the future of Europe’s lightweight division. And BAMMA 21 was Jack’s first bout back in the cage after losing to Marc Diakiese, so there was plenty of interest in how Jack McGann would bounce back…

Jack Grant Part 4

Jack Grant


Jack Grant vs. Jack McGann at BAMMA 22 A fight that has been stirring up a lot of anticipation in the MMA world is the contest between lightweights Jack Grant and Jack McGann set for BAMMA 22 at 3 Arena in Dublin. What has sparked a lot of fire in the lead up to this September…