Amasinger vs. Mitchell


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When Knucklepit spoke with Dean Amasinger last February, he stated “I’ve been improving every part of my game and I’m more powerful, faster and fitter than I’ve ever been before, so I’m dangerous everywhere.”

Four fights later and the hard working ‘Renegade’ just keeps getting better, and coming off back-to-back wins, Dean is now just days out from colliding with Danny ‘The Cheesecake Assassin’ Mitchell at BAMMA 8.

Team Rough House will be well represented on December 10 at the Capital FM Arena in Nottingham with Jim Wallhead, Andre Winner and Dean Amasinger representing the internationally respected gym, so the team spirit should be running high and all three combatants amped for battle.

When Knucklepit caught up with Amasinger he was extremely motivated and sounding quietly confident.

Dean, you’ve mentioned Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson as being someone you look up to.  Have you had the opportunity to meet him or train with him?

I’ve never trained with him, not yet.  I’ve met him on a few occasions and even went out with him and a group of others in Vegas a couple of years back for his birthday.

You were supplied with the wrong size gloves for your bout with Shahid Hussain at BAMMA 7.  How did that play against you and are you confident it won’t happen again? 

I hope it doesn’t happen again.  My arms felt really tight and pumped and as the fight went on lactic acid really started to build in my forearms.  It wasn’t the most comfortable and my corner couldn’t loosen them up in between rounds.  It wasn’t the most ideal situation but a few of the guys had a similar problem.  Not any fault of BAMMA, I think there was just a mix up with the suppliers.

Do you believe having fought so recently against as tough a fighter as Hussain that you will be better prepared for Danny Mitchell?

I’ve been busy this whole year and managed to stay injury free and in the gym. Fighting regularly suits me and my fitness levels; I tend to get out of shape quickly if I’m not consistently working hard in the gym.

This year I feel I’ve been able to build some real momentum. I feel I’m still improving and haven’t reached where I want to be so having regular time in the cage and back-to-back training camps has pushed my development.  Winning is important but I feel like I’ve learnt a lot from my losses and they’ve helped me to grow as a fighter.

You are a well-rounded fighter and Danny has finished most of his fights through submissions; will your strategy be to keep it standing?

No, he’s also well rounded like me with good striking too and I’m comfortable anywhere.  I’ve fought BJJ blackbelts so his ground game doesn’t worry me.  I want to mix it up and dominate with my strengths in each area.

Have you trained at Mike’s gym in Holland for your match with Danny Mitchell?

Not for this one, it’s not always possible with family commitments and I still feel my last visit and what I learnt is fresh in the memory.  I’ve been working with the Rough House guys for this fight

What training have you been doing with ‘Slick’ Nick Osipczak?

Yeah he’s up now and he’s been a big part of this as he mimics Danny well in size and style – top level BJJ.  He’s been a big part of my preparations.  Physically he’s very similar to Danny and matches up style wise too in terms of his abilities.  His BJJ is first class so I’ve been working with Nick a lot to get ready for this fight.

How do you think you and Danny stack up?

We’ll find out Saturday.  We’re both well-rounded fighters but I believe there are areas where I have the edge.  I just want to play to my strengths, no doubt he’s a tough guy but I’m confident in my abilities.

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