Winner vs. Gonzalez

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Born in Fittja, Sweden, but coming from a Latin American background, Diego Gonzalez is a man who believes actions speak louder than words and will be letting his exceptional MMA skills talk volumes on December 10 when he battles with Andre Winner in BAMMA’s World Lightweight Title Eliminator.

Diego’s first fighting system was karate, which he took up at an early age; however he is better known these days for his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  “I did some Kenpo karate when I was just a kid,” says Gonzalez.  “I was like 14 when I tried grappling for the first time.  Did it for maybe two years then quit and took it up again at 18.  I replaced it but I have always kept the discipline it taught until this day.”

At 5’11”, Andre will have a three-inch height advantage over Diego and possesses lightning-bolt fists, but Diego is a master grappler and can whip up a tempest on the canvas, with seven of his victories coming via submission.  Both men want desperately to notch up this eliminator on their belts.  BAMMA 8’s showdown between Gonzalez and Winner should be a ripper.

Knucklepit spoke with Diego Gomzalez just six days out from their battle.

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