How To Clean Boxing Gloves

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cleaning boxing gloves

How To Clean Boxing Gloves

Use of the gloves provided by gyms runs the risk of catching infection as these gloves are often dirty and infested with bacteria and germs. People prefer having their own pair of gloves, but they too get smelly, stinky and full of germs with very minimal use.

There are a few very legit and easy ways to keep your boxing gloves clean. By following these simple guidelines you can keep your gloves fresh and clean with minimum effort. Prior to the cleaning boxing gloves techniques, there are described some precautions that can keep your gloves clean and usable for some time before you need to wash them.

Information on cleaning gloves is not available easily over the web which is not only authentic, but easy to apply as well. Therefore, read on this guide for some really handy tips and techniques for cleaning gloves.


  • Keep your boxing gloves in an open space; avoid keeping them in your gym bag for long as it can encourage bacteria to thrive in that damp environment.
  • Spray anti-bacterial product inside the glove regularly to keep it free from bacteria.
  • You can also give your gloves a quick wipe from Lysol every now and then to ensure their cleanliness.
  • Regardless of any excuse, do not buy a pair of gloves under 50$, it might result in injuring your hand and also these gloves are not usable for a long time span. They can catch bacteria and develop smell rather quickly.
  • Use hand wraps, not only they help your hand, but also soak up the sweat and avoid abrasion.
    Keep your wraps dry, wet wraps are means to infection.
  • Never leave your boxing wraps inside the gloves, it will end up smelling and will worsen the cleaning process.

Some types of wraps

The following is a list of the most common types of boxing wraps found in the market:

  • Cotton wrap.
  • Mexican wrap.
  • Gel wrap.
  • Competition wrap.
  • Gel and cotton wraps are soft hence they are more comfortable also they can absorb the sweat which helps keep them odorless and free of bacteria.
  • Soft wraps are advised for easier cleaning.
  • Always use dry gloves, wet gloves not only manifest bacteria but also cause the stink.

Steps for cleaning boxing gloves

Now it comes to the real thing where you will be taught as how to clean your boxing gloves effectively. The boxing gloves cleaning tips consist of 6 very easy steps which will help you get rid of the weird smell and the possible bacteria present inside the gloves.

Step 1: Freezing your gloves

  • Freeze your gloves for 24 to 48 hours, it might sound a bit unorthodox, but it helps to kill the bacteria.
  • Keep your gloves wrapped in a plastic paper inside freezer. It will help you avoid the moisture and frost away from being penetrated the gloves out surface and it will not harm the texture and firmness of the gloves.
  • Freezing will not kill all the bacteria, so follow the further steps.
  • Also, let them air dry for 24 hours after taking out from the freezing.

Step 2: Killing Bacteria

  • As freezing does not kill all the bacteria it can be done by keeping them in high heat for some time, but this technique runs the risk of damaging the gloves.
  • Another alternate is to put them in salt water overnight to kill the remaining bacteria. That would be the best way. And in this way you can easily get rid of unwanted smell that may come out of them as well as the bacteria collection that may have collected on the inner surface.

Step3: Dry gloves

  • Dry your gloves, wet gloves can carry bacteria if they are kept wet and most for a long period of time.
  • Air drying is the best method to help the gloves get dry quickly and effectively without damaging it s texture and structure.
  • You can dry them in fan or sun.

Step 4: Odorless gloves

  • Use a fiber odor blocker or baby powder to eliminate smell. It will keep the gloves fresh and free of odors and unwanted smell.
  • It is not a long term solution so always wipe from top to bottom.

Step5: Killing bacteria

  • For killing bacteria use substances like Dettol and anti-Bacterial sprays inside gloves.
  • Use Lysol but do not wipe it, leave it to air dry. It will not harm your gloves and will make it free from germs and bacteria.

Step6: Keeping clean

  • To keep your gloves odorless and clean, keep cotton inside them before putting them in your gym bag. This thing is practiced by the majority of the professionals and the learners should take a lesson too.
  • Do not leave your gloves inside the bag for too long. They need some air or otherwise they will become stinky with time due to the element of sweating and moisture inside them.
  • When you get home find an appropriate and airy place to hang your gloves. They should remain hanged there until they get completely dried or at least give them good 10 to 12 hours for drying properly without leaving any moisture within them.

This is a comprehensive guide and all the amateur and mid-level boxers could get great information from this piece of writing. Using these simple steps you can keep your gloves clean and odorless with minimal effort. Gloves can be washed easily, so own your personal pair instead of using the old stinky one from your gym.

Buying quality gloves can ensure your safety as well as they are easy to clean. And in addition to it if you take care of your beloved gloves using quality material and keeping in mind all the necessary precautions, you can maintain them for a long period of time without getting damaged or worn out.

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