Your Way to Victory in the Cage

By Lance Freimuth

presented by Victory Belt

© Marc Wickert

It’s hard to believe the human body consists of just a head, torso, two arms, and two legs.  And yet there seem to be an infinite number of ways to tie up your opponent and submit or choke him out.

Just when you think you’ve seen every conceivable move, a book like this comes along and pulls the mats from under you.  UK’s Geoff Thompson often says “With ability comes humility”, and The Grappler’s Manifesto is a book that could humble any fighter with its revolutionary techniques.

When you first flick through Lance Freimuth’s book it’s like sitting in the Millennium Falcon’s cockpit and thinking “Okay, we’ve done the Milky Way, now let’s start the journey.”   But what a crew you’re riding with!  Onboard are Randy Couture, Antonio Nogueira, Greg Jackson, Forrest Griffin, Dave Camarillo, Neil Melanson and Jon Fitch, plus author Freimuth who taught grappling at the renowned Tiger Muay Thai in Thailand and was a wrestling instructor at Randy Couture’s Xtreme Couture MMA gym in Las Vegas.

The Grappler’s Manifesto’s 347 pages of instruction will beam your ground game way past any opponent’s out there and send you into MMA hyperspace as you put into practice never-before-seen grappling tactics.  What a blast! 

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