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title gel world bag gloves

TITLE gloves one of the best boxing gloves on the market. Boxing gloves are designed for one purpose and one purpose only — to protect the hands of the boxer, whether from the punches of a rival or a sparring partner or more importantly from the impact of the boxer’s own punches striking an opponent or training equipment.

Bag gloves are specifically designed to ensure that the boxer’s main tools of trade — their hands — are well and truly protected.

TITLE Gel World Bag Gloves are designed to do exactly that — and they do so exceptionally well Everything about them from, the smooth leather outer to the well lined multi-layered foam gives protection to the boxer’s knuckles through superior impact resistance and absorption.

This pair of bag gloves is best suited for training when a boxer is hitting the heavy bag and padding. The superior padding in the glove is designed not only to absorb and distribute the shock of every hit impact but also to ensure that the boxer’ s hand and knuckles are well protected.

Hitting the heavy and solid bag results in a lot of shock to the knuckles and, if not properly protected could result in injury especially to the wrist and the delicate bones of the hands.

TITLE Gel World Bag Gloves ensure that the knuckles are well protected from the padding that is evenly laid out and soft which ensures that the impact is spread out over the surface area of the glove and not just sent directly to the knuckle or the hitting part of the hand.

These boxing gloves come with a hand compartment that is lined to give maximum comfort and protection even with prolonged wear and heavy duty hitting. The lining has a gel enforcement that ensures both good shock absorption and superior impact protection. This glove gets a solid 5/5 score for its durability, design and comfort. It also gets an even higher rating for the advanced protection it affords the boxer.

Elements that make up boxing gloves

The outer lining of this glove comes in 100% double-stitched leather cover that is both durable and sturdy enough to withstand and take a lot of punishment. The lining of the glove has the unique gel that is added onto well organized layers of padding that ensure that the hand inside the glove is properly protected and does not have to suffer the full impact of the punches landed.

This cushioning and padding ensures that the force of the impact is spread outwards and not inwards towards the hand and knuckles. It also ensures minimum stress is transferred to the wrist with every punch, doing a great job of protecting the boxer’s hand

The glove has an inner compartment for the hand which is both soft and comfortable and designed to ensure that the hand is always properly padded no matter which angle a punch strikes. This compartment ensures that the delicate parts of the boxers hands, the knuckles and the fingers are protected, comfortable and at ease throughout.

The soft padding means that the boxing glove does not have the usual stiffness that other gloves have, providing flexibility and minimized chance of injury. These boxing gloves come with that “broken in” feeling that means they are soft and comfortable right from the get go.

The boxing glove has a wrist strap that is adjustable and comes with a hook-and-loop closure mechanism that ensures it is secured tightly and firmly around the wrist. This not only makes the glove more comfortable to work with but also ensure that once it is tied on, it stays on no matter how heavy the punches landed are It also means that the wrist s well protected while at the same time flexible enough to move and ensure that the boxer has the ability to strike at whichever angle he wishes to.

Positive Aspects of Boxing Gloves

  • Exterior cover made of genuine 100% leather that ensures both durability and high quality striking ability
  • Gel lined padding that provides maximum protection to the boxer’s hand
  • Internal hand compartment that secures the hand, making it protected while still maintaining flexibility and agility
  • Adjustable wrap around wrist strap that has D-ring to make sure it is secure, tight and safe
  • Designed to last a long time and to take a lot of punishment and punches
  • They transfer the impact of the punches to the lining and not to the knuckles and wrist
  • They are easy to put on even when one is on his own with a glove in the other hand — no need to go looking for someone to sort out your gloves before you start working out
  • They are great value for money and will outlast most other types of  boxing gloves
  • They come in great colors and have a good overall design

What Do Real People Say About This TITLE Gel World Bag gloves

Compared with Tokushu Hayabusa Gloves , the TITLE Gel World Bag Gloves have generated over 70 comments from users with 68 of them giving it 4-5 stars for an overall rating of 4.7 stars. The comments most made were about the padding that gives such superior protection to the knuckles and enables the boxers to use these gloves without risking injury to their knuckles and fingers.

They also do not result in pain in the hands and arms after a workout which makes them quite popular.


The only real concerned raised was the fact that the extra heavy padding makes it difficult to determine the correct size of gloves that a boxer should get since getting one that is a regular size ends up being a bit on the small size.

Once this is understood, it is much easier to find the size that fits. Taking that extra time to get the right fitting glove results in a much better workout and workout benefit so it does pay to pay a little closer attention to the correct size of gloves to get.


The TITLE Gel World Bag Gloves do a fantastic job of protecting the boxer’s knuckles and hand while ensuring that he is able to have a workout that is more powerful, able to land punches from whichever angle and able to endure longer workouts and training.

They truly are the top of the line bag gloves they claim to be.

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